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This week a person with diabetes on asks
Question: I have diabetes and my blood sugar is all over the map. Could you please tell me the ideal blood sugar level?

Answer: According to American diabebtes association from 2009 for adults with diabetes is
Before Meals: 70-130 mg/dL
After Meals : <180mg/dL
Each individual person will vary between these ranges but if your blood glucose level is above 180mg/dL when fasting you should definatly let your doctor know. Some helpful tips to help control blood glucose is to consume meals and snacks periodically throughout the day so that you can maintain a constant blood glucose level throughout the day, while minimizing dramatic spikes from low to high. Also exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet with more vegetables and fruits can help too. Although make sure to still count your carbs and keep them withing the recommended range for your meal/snack.



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